Team Business

An intensive, dynamic programme that helps managers and staff to understand that they are value-adders in their business, and how increased value benefits everyone.

Target Audience:

Team Business is aimed at staff from middle management and downwards but is also very successful with a range of employees from all levels.

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Outcomes For Employees

Give your employeesA proactive and positive approach to team-work.
An insight into how business works.
An understanding of how their own work contributes to effectiveness and profitability.
The ability to see themselves as vital parts of the business.
The knowledge to maximise productivity, manage costs and add greater value.
The skills to interact with other functions in the business.
An appreciation of management decisions.

Outcomes For Managers

Ability and confidence to:Discuss critical business issues with their subordinates
Share business challenges and discuss solutions with staff
Rely on staff to be more effective and motivated
Experience a more value-focused workforce
Spend more time working on strategy and less time on operations