MS Word – Level 2

On completion of this course students will be able to use tables and charts, customise documents, show information graphically, add building blocks and updatable fields, control text flows and use section, page, and column breaks, use templates, use mail merge features and create and use macros.

Target Audience:

This course is for students with foundational skills in Word who need to use the higher-level functionality in Word to create effective documents.

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Working with Tables and ChartsSort table data
Control cell layout
Perform calculations in a table
Create a chart
Customising Formats Using Styles and ThemesCreate and modify text styles
Create custom list or table styles
Apply document themes
Using Images in a DocumentResize an image
Adjust image appearance
Integrate pictures and text
Insert and format screenshots
Insert video
Creating Custom Graphic ElementsCreate text boxes and pull quotes
Draw shapes
Add WordArt and other text effects
Create complex illustrations with SmartArt
Inserting Content using Quick PartsInsert building blocks
Create and modify building blocks
Insert fields using quick parts
Controlling Text FlowControl paragraph flow
Insert section breaks
Insert columns
Link text boxes to control text flow
Using TemplatesCreate a document using a template
Create a template
Using Mail MergeThe mail merge features
Merge envelopes and labels
Create a data source using Word
Using MacrosAutomate tasks using macros - create a macro