Supervisors in Action

Supervisors are the most important conduit for communication between management and front line employees, and are critical in ensuring that day to day operations keep running smoothly and effectively.

Target Audience:

Supervisors in Action is a two-day programme that assists supervisors to understand and develop their knowledge and confidence about their function.

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On completion of the course, participants will be able to:Understand the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor.
Communicate, implement and feedback to their manager and their teams.
Demonstrate confidence in their work.
Be pro-active as opposed to re-active.
Plan to meet objectives.
Evaluate and interpret the results of their implementations.
Take responsibility for their own personal development.


Day 1Overview
The facilitator, as manager, sets a series of tasks that each team, led by its nominated supervisor, has to perform using the system.
The teams give feedback to the supervisors on their performance.
The facilitator ensures that the teams understand the principles and underlying logic of the system.
The principles are applied to a short case study that reinforces and extends the understanding of the principles.
The process is repeated, with ever-increasing numbers of supervision principles, complexity of tasks and depth of feedback
Day 2Participants extend their understanding of effective supervision, rate themselves on the system and develop a self-development plan