The Learning Link is proud to have joined the Shadowmatch community as an accredited consultant.

The Shadowmatch system enables us to add even more value to your business using a scientifically validated, online system to make objective, sound decisions regarding recruitment, placement, team optimisation and a range of other critical business considerations.

This is Shadowmatch!

Shadowmatch is a scientifically validated, online, AI-driven coaching and workforce optimisation system that measures the intensity of a person’s behavioural patterns or habits.

This makes it possible to understand what people do by interpreting the relationships between the different habits.

By knowing people’s habits, a person’s roles and tasks can be planned with a high expectation of success.

Underlying Principles

Shadowmatch is based on the principle that people’s success is largely a result of the alignment between their behavioural patterns or habits (what they do), and the behavioural demands of their unique context (where they do it). 

Motivation (why they do it) is less important as different people can display the same behaviours for very different reasons and be equally successful.

Business Applications

Shadowmatch has powerful business applications. These include hiring and on-boarding, team creation and management, organisational restructuring and staff redeployment, staff wellness and support, performance management and coaching, personal development and succession planning. 

As a rigorous, scientifically validated tool, Shadowmatch enables good decision-making, based on sound data, with a very high probably of successful, sustainable outcomes.

The Principles of Benchmarks

All organisations want to find the right people for the right job in the right place. 

Shadowmatch provides an objective, unbiased guide to achieving this.

The Shadowmatch benchmarking function maps the behavioural patterns of the top performers in a specific organisation, department or role.

Critically, these behaviours are situation and context specific, and not simply a comparison to generic, industry-wide specifications.

Having benchmarked the contextually specific habits for success, hiring or redeployment decisions can be made with high levels of confidence.

Team Analysis Functionality

Team success relies on the skills and knowledge of its members, as well as having the right “fit” between team members.

Shadowmatch is the unique tool for creating teams with the right fit for success.

Shadowmatch compares each member’s habits against the team habit profile making it easy to optimise the roles, functions and responsibilities of each member.

Creating an effective, successful team has never been easier.

Shadowmatch is an Investment

Shadowmatch is easily scaled in an organisation. By developing internal capacity an organisation can implement and manage Shadowmatch as needed. 

Being a wholly online system further simplifies implementation, even when employees are scattered around the country or even the world.

By retaining control of the process, the organisation does not rely on an outside consultant to run the system.

Shadowmatch is an Investment

Most importantly, while retaining internal control of the Shadowmatch process, help and advice is always available from the Shadowmatch team to ensure optimal performance for the organisation to derive maximum benefit. 

It’s easy scalability and simple, in-house management means that Shadowmatch is an excellent time- and cost-effective investment for any organisation.

Students' Career and Study Report

Competition for access to tertiary education and employment is extreme. Consequently, students at every level must perform at their best to gain access to the best institutions and to find jobs of their choice.

The Shadowmatch Study Method coaching programme effectively assists students to maximise their academic progress.

Furthermore, the Career Planning coaching programme provides sound, data-based guidance on appropriate career choices.

The Study Method and Career Guidance coaching programmes are based on the individual’s measured habits. Students, therefore, each receive customised, personalised coaching programmes to which they can relate.

Students thus find it easier to engage with the programmes as they are aligned with what each student already does naturally.

The Shadowmatch coaching programmes empower students to compete more effectively for access to higher education and employment.

Shadowmatch Pricing

Shadowmatch offers a variety of pricing options to suit the size and needs of an organisation.

Please contact us so that we can send you details on the best option for your organisation.