Meet our Team

Malcolm Haffner

Owner and Director

Malcolm has been the owner and director of The Learning Link since 2012.

With almost 40 years’ experience in business and education, Malcolm is driven to assist organisations to increase productivity and profits by taking their employees on journeys of discovery during which they discover their own and collective value to the business, and how to maximise the value that they can create.

Malcolm is highly skilled in the design and implementation of management development and graduate development programmes, as well as business, soft skills, communication and personal development programmes.

Mark Peters


Mark is a recognised strategy analysis and development expert for Corporates, Medium-sized Businesses, Educational Institutions and Religious Organisations, with extensive experience throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

With 17 years of experience at the Wits business School, 10 of which were as Director of Executive Education, Mark is currently a faculty member at GIBBS, UFS, USB-Ed, Duke CE and Kempten (GmBh).

Jannie du Preez


Jannie is a highly experienced and effective Practical HR and Process Consultant, having held senior management positions and directorships in various large corporations in different sectors.

Jannie has experience in all aspects of HR including, but not limited to Resolving Operational People-related Challenges, Workforce Planning, Leadership, Team Development and Succession Planning, Talent Management, Employee Relations and Performance Management.

Ian Clark


Ian has extensive knowledge and experience in designing tools and methods to help businesses across different industries to manage change.

Ian’s 45 years of business experience include being Director of the Wits Business School Centre for Developing Business as well as co-owning and running his own business helping businesses to increase effectiveness and profitability.

Mariette Malherbe


Mariette has 23 years of international experience as a facilitator specialising in Presentation Skills, Business Writing and Interpersonal Skills. Her skill at building rapport and her ability to interact effectively has enabled her to make an impact at all levels within organisations by tailoring her programmes to ensure maximum benefits.

Mariette is also an expert in behavioural psychology and is a trained and accredited Enneagram practitioner.

As such, Mariette can provide expert assistance to companies to analyse the dynamics and personalities within their teams and help companies to identify opportunities to improve relationships and outputs.