At The Learning Link we provide unique learning experiences that improve employee performance and company results.

Our variety of programmes ensures that our clients can effectively address a wide range of needs to add value to their staff and company for increased productivity and profit.

Our programmes are designed to ensure participants are firmly in control of the process and outcomes, ensuring that the experience is relevant, valuable and beneficial to maximise the transfer of learning to their workplace.

Return on Investment

Investing in employee development always provides excellent returns to the business by adding value to its people.

The Learning Link partners with businesses to increase employee value for higher productivity and profitability, with a measurable return on investment.

Increased Profit

The Learning Link’s programmes use employee knowledge and insights to help businesses identify and develop opportunities for growth and increased profitability.

Active Learning

The Learning Link’s programmes keep participants actively engaged which ensures that learning is accessible, relevant and sustainable.

Learning is enhanced and participants can successfully transfer their new knowledge and insights back to their workplace.

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Our Programmes

The Learning Link offers facilitated face-to-face as well as online interventions which provide the knowledge, tools and methods for enhanced individual and organisational effectiveness. 

Based on a rigorous design process and continuous improvement, our interventions maximise the creation and measurement of individual and organisational value and enhanced profitability.

To enable clients to make an informed decision on how our programmes can be maximised to achieve specific needs and preferences, we facilitate demonstrations where we share more of our tools and methods.

Business Solutions

Increase profitability through facilitated interventions which provide the knowledge, tools and methods to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness, using proven, effective, experiential processes.


New managers are often thrust into their new role with little understanding of what to do.

Learning to manage their people effectively is the key to successfully getting the job done well.


Assist leaders to develop their knowledge and skills to lead a team to high performance by understanding the roles and behaviours of effective leaders, recognising the need for personal development and managing diversity.



Office and Functional Skills

Knowing the subtle “rules” of engaging with others will smooth the path to more effective personal and business relationships, ensuring the right environment for those profitable deals.

Soft Skills

Teams can only be effective if all members understand their roles and behave in a way that will enhance the chances of success.

Learn and understand the nature, function and appropriate behaviours that will increase the productivity and profitability of teams


Technical people communicate with a wide variety of technical and non-technical audiences.

Having the skills to communicate effectively will ensure that ideas and proposals are heard and understood clearly, enhancing the probability of success.

Financial Skills

Having the right tools makes it easier to make good financial decisions and enjoy the benefits of having “that little bit extra”, both personally and professionally.

Computer Skills

Good computer skills are essential for anyone entering or wanting to progress in the modern world of work.

Change has become the constant which dictates how individuals, organisations and society function.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” 

~Winston Churchill ~

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