If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together

(African Proverb)

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is a collaborative process between a coach and an individual. 

The process provides a structured, supportive relationship which enables the individual to define and achieve personal and professional goals, develop and build successful relationships and, ultimately, to experience a better, richer and more fulfilling life.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a facilitated process that empowers teams to achieve their goals and produce stellar results in a positive and productive environment. 

Through coaching, teams can increase communication, relationships and collaboration, and manage conflict positively and successfully.

Management Coaching

Managers are facing increasingly complex demands from their organisations. Managers’ roles have extended beyond managing organisational processes and duties, to facilitating the learning and development of their subordinates.

Research is showing that managerial coaching is seen as an effective leadership practice, enhancing employee learning for improved performance and effectiveness and in managing employee attitudes and behaviours in organisations.

Studies have also shown that there can be as much as a seven-times increase in return on investment as a result of the implementation of a coaching structure in organisations.

Training and Coaching

The return on investment in training can be significantly increased by providing coaching as a follow-up to the training experience.

Follow-up coaching provides guidance and support for individuals as they try out and implement what they have learnt in training, as well as encouragement to practice new ideas and methods until these are mastered.

Coaching after training also provides a safe opportunity to reflect on and learn from coaches’ successes and failures in applying new knowledge, skills and methods.

A structured coaching system provides a safety net until participants are suitably skilled and confident to carry on by themselves, ensuring a high return on the investment in training.

Coaching for Business

Employees who feel supported, guided and encouraged will perform better and be more productive. Additionally, employees will be more confident in their own abilities, making them more motivated to achieve greater goals.

Ultimately, employees are more engaged and take greater ownership of their tasks and responsibilities.

The benefits to the company are significant, with a more stable and positive work environment, increased staff retention and reduced costs.

The investment in coaching for employees and managers will provide indisputable returns well after the cost of the investment has been recovered.

Coaching for Students

Many students underachieve at school and at university not because of their inability to do the work, but because they don’t have the right structure and have never been taught how to approach their studies, assignments and exams.

By providing individualised coaching support, many students can significantly lift their performance in their studies by finding the right, personal study methods.

Being able to study more effectively will increase performance, leading to increased motivation and interest, and significantly widen the range of possibilities available for further study and employment options for the student.

Furthermore, the student can complete his or her studies sooner and enter the world of work earlier.

The double benefit is the reduction in time and money spent studying and the sooner the individual can start earning and become productive.

Coaching at The Learning Link

At The Learning Link, we offer expert coaching using the Shadowmatch system. Shadowmatch is an online, AI driven system, developed in South Africa, that measures individuals’ unique habits (or patterns of behaviour).

The system is objective and unbiased and has been scientifically validated by the Florida Institute of Technology, USA.

Shadowmatch serves as the foundation of our coaching approach and methodology.

In addition to providing a unique analysis of an individual’s softer and strong habits, Shadowmatch also allows us to offer coaching expertise that is context and situation specific.

Not only can we engage with a client as a unique individual, we can engage with the specific context in which the client must function as the basis for growth and success.

To learn more about Shadowmatch: CLICK HERE

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