Continuous Improvement and Value-Based Management

Participants work In a simulated business in competing teams to identify the focus of improvement that will have the greatest impact on improving profitability.

Target Audience:

The Continuous Improvement programme is aimed at supervisors and managers who are responsible for ensuring that systems and processes are optimised to add on-going improved value to the organisation.

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This program can be run over one whole day or two half days.


Outcomes Include: The need for and methods of Continuous Improvement
Identifying and analysing opportunities for profit-enhancing Continuous Improvement opportunities
Part 1
A simulation in which teams:
Set targets
Make management decisions
Measure outcomes
Analyse and reflect on outcomes
Identify opportunities for improvement
Part 2
Building on the knowledge gained in the simulation participants investigate:
Principles of Value-Based management
Drivers and constraints for value maximisation
Con and uncontrollable variables
Opportunities to identify opportunities to maximise the controllable drivers and minimise constraints in their own work