Assertiveness without Anxiety

“You teach people how to treat you”.
Learn the behaviours that will ensure that all your interactions are ‘win-win’ situations for you and your colleagues.

Target Audience:

This one-day programme is designed to increase participants’ awareness of their own and others’ behaviour and how to manage behaviours positively.

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Rights and ResponsibilitiesBeliefs and values
Rights and responsibilities at work and beyond
Assertive Behaviour - The Third PlacePassive and aggressive behaviour
What is assertiveness?
Assertiveness and Self EsteemConsequences of passive / aggressive behaviour
Benefits of assertive behaviour
Understanding Your Own BehaviourYour behavioural style
Responses to conflict
Emotional IntelligenceWhat is EQ?
The elements of EQ
Developing your EQ
CommunicationLearning to listen
Say what you mean
Effective questions
Body LanguageCommunicating without words
Universal expressions
Using your body effectively