MS Word – Level 1

On completion of this course students will be able to use Word to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents.

Target Audience:

This course designed to teach students basic Word skills.

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Getting Started with WordIdentify the components of the Word interface
Create a Word document
Editing a DocumentNavigate and select text
Modify text
Find and replace text
Formatting Text and ParagraphsApply character formatting
Align text using tabs
Display text as list items
Control paragraph layout
Apply borders and shading
Apply styles
Manage formatting
Adding TablesInsert a table
Modify a table
Format a table
Convert text to a table
Managing ListsSort a List
Re-number a List
Inserting Graphic ObjectsInsert symbols, special characters and images
Controlling Page AppearanceApply a page border and colour
Add a watermark
Add headers and footers
Control page layout
Proofing a DocumentCheck spelling and grammar
Other proofing tools
Check accessibility
Customising the Word EnvironmentCustomise the Word interface
Additional save options