Business Solutions

Through facilitated interventions which provide the knowledge, tools and methods to enhance individual and organisational effectiveness, using proven, effective adult educational processes.


Intensive Business Programmes

Team Business2 daysRecasting of work into the creation of value and becoming a development resource to others in the organisationAllMediumView Brochure
Continuous Improvement and Value Based Management1 dayIdentifying and managing the drivers and constraints to value maximisation in an organisationAllMediumView Brochure
Classic 102 daysUsing business tools, analysis, opportunity identification and assessment to create improvement opportunities and an implementation planAllHighView Brochure

Short Business Programmes

Force Field4 hoursA systematic process to rationally analyse and assess opportunities and develop an implementation plan through consensusAllLowView Brochure
Effective Decisions3 hoursDeveloping the capacity to manage assumptions, risks and critical success factorsAllMedium
Understanding Causality3 hoursCreating the capacity to identify, challenge ann assess an opportunity or challengeAllMedium

Economic Development (Supplier Development and Enterprise Development)

Give Yourself a Job16 x 1 hourThis programme guides potential entrepreneurs through a 14 stage journey of establishing a successful, low-barrier-to-entry, differentiated business.

This is Business can be used effectively to address Supplier Development and Enterprise Development components of the BEE scorecard.