Good Etiquette for Good Business

Doing your job is only half the story. Being aware of and managing your behaviour at work affects how people perceive you, and to your success.

Target Audience:

Good Etiquette for Good Business is a one-day programme aimed at new employees who have little experience in the workplace to understand some of the unpublished “rules”.

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The World of WorkThis is not school.
And it’s not home either.
Dressing for the OccasionJudge my work, not my dress... ahem, we do...
Appropriate dress does matter...
You are what you wear...
LanguageWhy the !#&!% do we swear?
Is swearing appropriate?
The alternative...
Eating at WorkIf it smells like...
Who gets to clean up the coffee spills?
Telephone SkillsBusiness calls are not personal calls.
No, we don’t all know who you are.
Leaving and taking messages.
Please, return your calls.
EmailQuick and easy does not mean sloppy.
Spelling and grammar do count.
Before you click on 'SEND'.
Social MediaAre you being paid to manage a Facebook account?
What you don't say is more important than what you do.
Does the whole world really have to know?
Diversity at WorkPeople are different... really
I was only joking...
I don't have prejudices like other people.
Conflict – I just say what I think...