Team Business

Team Business

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An interactive dynamic, two-day programme that provides managers and staff with an understanding of how their business works, and the motivation and ability to add more value to their work.

Programme Overview

Day 1

Teams run simulated businesses in competition with each other, making business decisions, carrying them out, measuring financial implications and analysing performance
Principles learned include:
The Fundamentals of Business (revenue, costs, profit)
The basic business functions (production, marketing,administration, finance, services)
Sources of funding (equity and debt)
Interest and Tax
The impact of technology
The affordability of staff
The role of quality
Changing market demand
Market forces and pricing
Basic Value Chain Analysis

Day 2

Principles learned on Day 1 are transferred to the reality of the participants’ own company
Challenges and Opportunities facing their own company

Course Overview

This course does not have any sections.